Nissan Leaf

world car of the year winner

The Nissan LEAF® is 100% electric. That means no gas. None. So forget about the cost of a litre, and say hello to freedom from the pump. Because the only time you’ll be going to the gas station is whenever you need to put air in your tires. Most cars – even hybrids – release tons of CO2 tailpipe emissions every year. The Nissan LEAF doesn’t use a single drop of gas. And no gas means no tailpipe, no fumes, and zero emissions.

just like a car… kind of

Just because it has never been to a gas station, doesn’t mean it is some kind of alien machine. It has all the creature comforts of a normal car, except it’s most definitely not. 
It packs in five people, heaps of storage and even more technology.

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all the room you’d expect

There’s no electric engine in the boot and the back seat isn’t full of batteries.
In fact, this is a spacious 4 door family vehicle with plenty of room for 5 adults and luggage in the back. 

advanced inside and out

Step into the Nissan Leaf and experience much more than just the rush of electric power but also all the latest interior
technology as well. Bluetooth, touch screen media, luxurious leather seats, a premium Bose audio system, smartphone app and much more.
The future is now inside and out.


bose audio




options change from vehicle to vehicle

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driving that’s electric

With 100% torque, no engine lag, no reving and no gear shifts, this electric vehicle is nothing like what you’d expect.
You’ve never driven anything like it.